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[Alpharetta, GA, November 5, 2023] – We are excited to present a unique and compelling opportunity that has garnered significant attention: the Bailey Creek Energy Opportunity Fund, L.P., offered by Sandy Bay Partners in conjunction with CredoCPA.

About the Opportunity

Bailey Creek Energy Opportunity Fund, L.P., a Delaware limited partnership, is on a mission to offer substantial memberships. This venture is strategically positioned with a fee simple donation option which, if selected, will also reap substantial tax benefits to accredited investors.*

Why This Opportunity Stands Out

  • Prime Location: The real estate is located in an area proven to have considerable potential for oil extraction, setting the stage for consistent dividends and growth.
  • Expert Management: The fund is steered by a team of experienced professionals with many years of experience in the energy sector.
  • Accredited Investors ONLY: This opportunity is offered only to accredited investors and CPA verification of this status is required.

Discover More in the Appraisal Document

For a comprehensive understanding of this opportunity with fee simple potential, a comprehensive appraisal document is available upon request. This document provides detailed insights into the project, helping you and your advisor to understand the true value of this opportunity. A full comprehensive set of documents will be provided to you as you carefully consider this opportunity.

Take the Next Step and Contact Us Today for Assistance

Seize this opportunity and reach out to the CredoCPA team. The timeframe is very limited so please reach out ASAP.

Your informed decisions are our top priority. We are here to support you every step of the way.

For more information or to request the appraisal document, please contact:

Dan Lucas


Credo CFOs & CPAs