The Credo Way Old Version


  1. If we don’t take care of ourselves, and if we don’t take care of each other, we can’t take care of our clients.
  2. We love to challenge the “old ways,” looking at problems from different angles. We believe you don’t need to wear a suit to be serious about money and business.
  3. Accurate is better than fast, but fast is better than slow.
  4. Always choose the option that is best for the long-term.
  5. We only agree to perform services we know we can deliver.
  6. Our ability to stay focused gives us an unfair advantage against our competition. Simple is better than complex.
  7. We seek the truth and call it like we see it. We have the courage it takes to do the right things.
  8. We anticipate our clients’ needs before they do.
  9. The success of our clients, measured by results, is the only way we measure our own success.
  10. We will “find a way” and do whatever it takes to get the job done.



Our Vision.

To attract, hire, and retain the very best advisers that want to live the CREDO way.

Our Mission.

To achieve results for our clients.

Our Strategy.

Having the very best people will allow our clients to achieve results.

Our Standards

For our client service.

Clients hire CREDO because of our unique and complete service provided as a committed and trusted advisor.  We always offer honest and candid advice.  We believe in serving each of our clients by giving them the respect they deserve, while providing a service that is valuable to them.

For our culture.

We work at CREDO because we are given the freedom to take initiative, pursue new ideas, speak our minds, and be ourselves. CREDO provides the opportunity for us to live and work in balance, prioritizing family, faith, and our personal commitments to our clients and local communities.

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