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Save time. Save money. Ensure all of your required forms are filed on time and properly. And have direct access to a tax code expert, so you can avoid the biggest risks and take advantage of the best opportunities in the ever-changing tax code … we can help.

We take an honest approach to what we can and cannot do for you, plus we provide upfront pricing to make it easy. If you run a small business or a large one, or a family with complex accounting needs, our active planning service can probably save you money. If it doesn’t, we don’t expect to be paid for the planning work.

What we do:

Tax Services Alpharetta GA
Planning & Strategy
1.) Interview & Analyze
  • Review prior tax returns and current financials.
  • Incorporate your interview responses.
  • Identify the opportunities.
2.) Discuss Whether Proactive Tax Planning is Beneficial
  • We recommend planning only if potential tax-savings show positive results.
3.) Meet to Review the Plan
  • Get our recommendations.
  • Talk about pros, cons and the potential tax savings of each.
  • Together, we select the ideas to execute.
4.) Executing the Plan
  • This is where the savings are realized!
Preparation & Filing
1.) Receive Our Tax Season Packet
  • Contains a checklist and your step-by-step homework items.
  • Upfront terms of services and estimated fees.
2.) Send Your Tax Documents and Payment
  • Pay our agreed upon deposit.
  • Upload your documents to our secure online portal.
  • You can also fax them, drop them in the mail or by the office. Sorry, carrier pigeon and Pony Express are no longer accepted.
3.) Follow-Up Information Needed to Finish
  • We’ll send you an email with a list of missing items or requests for clarification.
  • Please reply promptly to avoid costly delays!
  • Info received after April 1 may put your returns on extension.
4.) Review and Sign
  • You receive an email to pick a day and time for review.
  • We can meet in the office, on a screen-sharing phone call, or do a recorded interview.
5.) Returns are Filed
  • Quickly sign and return your e-file authorization forms.
  • We can discuss and schedule a post-tax season meeting for additional planning services.
  • Get a projected estimate of your taxes for the coming year.

If you need help with the IRS. If you want to minimize taxes and maximize savings. If honest service and upfront pricing appeal to you, you’ve found yourself a partner.

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