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As 2023 winds down, CFOs and finance wizards are gearing up for new adventures. Top of the list? Compliance. It’s getting more complex with new rules and risks, especially after this whole pandemic saga.

Deloitte tossed out some numbers recently, saying compliance is a hot topic for CFOs, right up there with digital makeovers and finding top-notch talent. A whopping 60% are planning to throw more cash at compliance, and 40% are looking to expand their teams. This uptick in attention and resources speaks to the growing complexity in areas such as:

  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Reporting: With increasing demands for transparency on environmental and social impacts, CFOs face the task of ensuring accurate and globally-aligned ESG reporting. This includes intensive data collection, analysis, stakeholder engagement, and communication.
  • Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: The rapid digital transformation brings heightened cyber threats. CFOs must ensure IT system security and compliance with diverse data protection laws, alongside managing the financial and reputational risks of cyber incidents.
  • Tax and Trade Changes: The shifting global tax landscape, catalyzed by digital economy and pandemic-induced fiscal pressures, requires CFOs to stay abreast of changes in tax rules and navigate complex trade dynamics.

This is where Credo CFOs & CPAs jumps into the picture. We’re like the superheroes of CFO services for small and medium-sized businesses. By teaming up with us, you can take a breather and focus on growing your business while we handle the nitty-gritty of compliance. We’ve got a crew of experienced CFOs and whiz kids in accounting and consulting, all ready to help you out.

As a leader in CFO services for small and medium-sized businesses, we offer comprehensive solutions:

  • For ESG Reporting: We assist in defining ESG strategies, goals, and metrics, ensuring reports align with relevant standards. They also aid in data collection, verification, analysis, and stakeholder communication.
  • In Cybersecurity and Data Privacy: We offer risk assessments, best practice implementations, and strategies for responding to and recovering from cyber incidents, ensuring compliance with data protection laws.
  • Regarding Tax and Trade: We help businesses comply with evolving tax and trade regulations, optimizing strategies and managing obligations.

Outsourcing compliance functions to us at Credo means businesses can focus on core activities and growth, benefiting from the expertise of our team of seasoned CFOs, accountants, and consultants. We’re your go-to partner for CFO services as we sail into 2024. Contact us to learn more.