Services We Don’t Offer

We like to keep things positive, but sometimes more important than showing you what we can offer you is showing what we can’t — even if it means sending you elsewhere.

Simply put, as leaders in our industry, it doesn’t make sense for us to provide services we don’t specialize in. If we were jacks-of-all-trades, we’d be masters of none. And when it comes to your financial future, you want a master.

In no particular order, here are the services we don’t offer:

Simple Tax Return Preparation
We specialize in the complex. So if your returns are simple and straightforward (1040A/1040EZ), there are a million other places that can prepare them for you at low cost. Let us know if you need a recommendation.
Last-Minute "Hail Mary" Tax Work
If you’re a chronic procrastinator and tend to put off your returns until the last minute, then we’re definitely the wrong people for you! We do detailed, deliberate strategic planning, and it takes time and focus to do it well. We’re happy to help you next year when you plan ahead a few months.
"Drive-Thru" Tax Returns
Same-day, walk-in, walk-out tax returns may be the norm at the place around the “block,” but we’re not tax robots. What we do is so much more than plugging numbers into a computer and waiting for its output.

If that’s what you’re looking for, we encourage you to look elsewhere. We know that people rarely bring enough information to prepare an accurate and complete tax return in a single interaction.

We ask lots of questions, and we even send you home with an easy-to-complete to-do list.  We use your input to perform personalized research, which ensures you get the very best value.

This is the most efficient way to deliver the high level service our clients enjoy.

Non-Profit Organizations
Our primary area of expertise is reducing income taxes for profitable entrepreneurs and small- and medium-sized businesses. By definition, non-profit organizations do not pay income taxes, so there isn’t much we can do for you.
Well, that’s about as transparent as we can get.  We want you to be a happy client, so if your needs are outside of our wheelhouse, we’ll tell you so. If we know someone better than us, we’ll recommend them. If not, we’ll tell you what to look for.

Don’t you wish all your professional relationships were this easy?

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