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Making Money Is
Killing Your Business
Transformational – Practical – Visionary

Join us for this next meeting that will TRANSFORM both you and your business, and REVOLUTIONIZE everything you understood about success as a business leader.

10:30 AM – 12:30 PM (EST)

Thrive Co-Working
44 Milton Ave
Alpharetta, GA 30009
(Meeting Room next to Coffee Stand)

Your business should produce both time and money, not just money.

Serial Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Business Author and World-Renowned Business Advisor Chuck Blakeman shows Atlanta area business owners how to get off the treadmill, make more money in less time, get back to the passion that brought them into business in the first place and build a business they can enjoy for decades.
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Learn the secrets of how to:
Define Success and Significance, define your ideal lifestyle, and determine when your business will get you there.
Get to a place where your business produces Time, Money, and Significance (not just money).
Make it easy to measure if each week/month/quarter your business is accomplishing your objectives and making you money.
Identify and shift to the highest and best use of your time — stop guessing.
Turn your passion into a real business that works for you when you’re on vacation.
Use your business to build your Ideal Lifestyle, not just an income.
Chuck Blakeman lives in Denver, Colorado. He inspires and transforms your approach to business and your future. He is a serial entrepreneur, an internationally acclaimed speaker, weekly Inc. Magazine contributor, best-selling author and world-renowned business advisor who has built eleven businesses in eight industries on four continents.

Chuck’s first book, Making Money is Killing Your Business was rated “#1 Business Book of the Year” by NFIB, the largest business owner association in America. And his most recent book, Why Employees are ALWAYS a Bad Idea has been named one of the “Top Ten Business Books of the Year.” Both books are also used as required reading in several university programs.

Chuck will disorient you with his counter-intuitive and no-nonsense approach to life and business. Then he will put it all back together so you walk out different than you came in, with one “blinding flash of the obvious” that transforms you, your business, and your life.

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