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How does an entrepreneur optimize the investment of the business, create enough cash flow to deploy effective tax mitigation strategy, and develop a systemic retention of wealth?

Majority of businesses have a sizable amount of cash locked up in operations, and by aggressively managing working capital, they might sustainably boost their profitability and brand value. One of the few remaining areas that can provide the company with significant cash in a timely manner without the hassles associated with big modifications or restructuring initiatives is cash flow and treasury management.

Reasons Why You Need Help in Cash Flow and Treasury Management

– You need help in effectively preparing for cash flows and the demand for cash, and if there’s a need for solutions such bridge financing, credit lines, etc. to be put into place

– You need to determine the potential for a cash release

– You need to effectively manage the working capital needs for upcoming projects

– You need to make your operational structure more efficient

– You need to reduce your working capital in a sustainable way?

– You need to improve your working capital forecasting and cash flow volatility

How Credo Can Help You

We will help you analyze your organization to discover and assess the potential optimization of working capital needs in close conjunction with the management.

We analyze the multiple cycles of important factors including accounts receivable, accounts payable, and inventories to discover and quantify potential cash flow improvements and forecast cash flow evolution.

We can help you define and implement important performance and working capital KPIs.

Through Credo’s CFO approach, you’ll be able to…

– Improve recovery rates and safeguard shareholder capital

– Improve the operational model to provide funds for potential investments or debt reduction

– Recognize and keep track of the risks related to working capital management

– Increase shareholder trust through an enhanced working capital structure

– Increase order-to-cash and purchasing efficiency techniques that result in further cost savings

– Improve flexibility by simplifying the supply chain and business procedures


Here at Credo, collaborate with the organization to develop and implement sustainable cash flow and working capital enhancements. Through on-the-job coaching, we convey the necessary skills to the organization to ensure that the changes are sustained even after our engagement has ended.