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Not ready to commit to a part-time or full-time CFO but need a present day strategic guidance? That’s okay. We get this question often, and we’re ready to help you determine what makes the best financial and operational sense based on your specific growth goals.  

With a CFO Business Inspection, our tenured financial experts will take an advisory role in helping you assess exactly where you are in the evolution of your business. 

As an extension of your executive management team, we’ll provide detailed analyses and benchmark reports to ensure you’re on the right track for success.

Credo provides CFO insights that can accelerate your strengths and improve on areas of opportunity.

A business inspection provides you with a report that ranks your performances against your competitors. We also identity key saving opportunities across your business, allowing you to put your money where it can make the most impact.

What Our CFO Business Inspection Includes
  • No obligation initial consultation

  • Transparent and education approach

  • Partnership with a seasoned CREDO financial expert / CFO

  • Custom financial analysis specifically tailored to your business

  • Robust benchmark study comparing your business against industry standards

  • Financial intelligence for rational decision-making with a direct line to ROI


We’ll transform your strategic vision into practical results that lead to cost reductions and business-model transformations.


We’ll deliver financial and operational analyses tailored to your business to spring you forward with quick wins.


We’ll analyze your business drivers against marketplace trends to help you reduce and avoid costly pitfalls. 

Do You Need to Partner with a Credo CFO?

  • Are you often worried about cash and do you deal with cash “shortages” more often than you would like?

  • Do you sometimes have “extra” cash that you are not sure how to invest back in the business to get a good return on the investment?

  • Do you find yourself worrying about the direction of the business and feel as though you lack direction or information to execute the strategies you have developed?

  • Do you work more hours than you would like in areas that are unrelated to growing the business, such as stressing over which bills to pay, tax planning or tax mitigation, customer collections, preparing for bank meetings, etc.?

  • Are you concerned about the accuracy or timeliness of your financials and the security of your company’s assets (i.e. cash, property)?

  • Is your business not making enough margin and profits to both pay you a fair level of compensation as well as make strategic investments for future growth?

If you answer YES to one or more of the questions above, it’s time to consider partnering with Credo!