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As outstanding as one can get in service. They are knowledgeable in action and advice and humble enough to listen to the customers ideas, needs and wants. I enthusiastically recommend them. I have interacted with employees at all levels and Jennifer my primary contact is a Godsend.

Marvin Fisher

Double B Turnkey Investments, LLC

Dan has been a great business partner to both me and my clients. He is a valuable resource with sound guidance for business owners. I appreciate the attention he gives to my clients and his ability to consistently be a great source of knowledge and expertise for them.

Angela Alea

President and Chief Sales Officer

Credo Finance has been a real blessing for our company and family. I really appreciate all you guys have done to help me get a better handle on the business God has blessed me with so hopefully I can use it more wisely for His kingdom.

R Lee Wagner

RL Wagner Custom Homes

Dan is a knowledgeable source in the financial field and is a guy I have always been able to count on. He is hard working, precise with his work, and is great with helping individuals and business owners relieve the stress associated with taxes. I would never hesitate to send any of my valued clients to Dan because he is great at what he does and an overall great guy.

Cannon Berrong

SFI Advisors

Dan is a true professional. An expert in his field. Dan takes the time to truly understand your business, vision, industry and what you are up against to create a wholistic approach to the financial side of the business. His command of his accountancy field is very impressive. Many people have expert knowledge, but Dan is exceptional because he has the relationship skills that foster communication and trust. He executes in a timely way and flawlessly. We feel fortunate to have Dan Lucas on our financial team. Top Qualities: Great Results, High Integrity, Creative

Wendy Johnson


I have known Dan for the past 6 years. Dan has a great skill set- a solid CPA with strong Financial Leadership skills. He has impressed me with his combination of technical accounting expertise while also possessing sound business acumen. He is a natural leader with effective management skills and the ability to interact with all levels of an organization. He would be an excellent addition to any corporate team. I strongly recommend him.

Todd A. Warshaw

Management Consulting

“Credo and Dan Lucas have been terrific tax and financial advisers for me. Dan doesn’t have the attitude of a CF”No” rather than that of a CF”Know”. I have the utmost confidence in the integrity and competence of Credo and I confidently refer my clients to them for services.”

Steve Miller

The Entrepreneur's Source

I have had the great pleasure of working with CREDO and many of their clients. It is my business to work with many accounting and financial firms in Georgia, but I have never seen a company that cares so much about their clients. CREDO takes a very proactive approach to optimize taxation and improve overall financial health for their clients.

Michael Beinenson

Tax Incentives

I have known Dan for years. He is the first accountant that i have had in my life that aligns himself with my business and is actively looking and bringing me ideas to improve my success. I tell anyone that will listen about what an asset Dan has been to my business, and he has paid them in kind too.

Dave Dorsay

Quick shout out to Dan Lucas and his team over at Credo Finance. They were highly recommended by Scott Gerber and after interviewing 6 differing firms I selected his group. His creative insights and in depth knowledge amplified by his team have saved me 7 figures in taxes this year (6 figures over other CPA’s plans and strategies). Not to mention they were able to move at 3x the speed of the firm that was previously servicing me. I couldn’t be a happier with them and highly recommend him and his group. Happy holidays everyone and may we all have an excellent start to 2018!

Ziver Berg


Credo Financial Services provides invaluable financial advice that has allowed me to retain more cash in my business and lower my taxes. Dan Lucas is not only a smart financial advisor, but more importantly a man of integrity and I trust his advice. We all need people like Dan on our team these days to help us maximize the return in our business or our secure personal financial situation. I recommend Credo Financial Services without hesitation.

Randy Collins

Strategies Group

Credo has made a tremendous impact in my business. I am able to focus on my clients, knowing that Credo has my books in perfect order. I really don’t know what I would do without them. They are truly a full service accounting team!

Steve Gimbert

My husband and I have worked with a number of tax and finance professionals throughout the years. Without a doubt, Dan and his team at Credo are the absolute best! We wholeheartedly trust that Dan always has our best personal and financial interests in mind when making recommendations and giving us advice. We have and will continue to recommend Dan and Credo to family, friends, and anyone who is looking for sound financial advice and services.

Aisha Parker

I have enjoyed working with Dan and his team over the last few years. I like the combination of personal relationship, solid integrity and high-level knowledge that Credo brings to the table.

Jason Smith


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