Richard Greenaway


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“CredoCFO is a great partner and customer-centric fractional financial service provider. Whether it be bookkeeping, controller or CFO level services, I have found their work to be high quality. They are always willing to go above and beyond and provide excelent consultative counsel.”

Frank B. Mengert

Founder & CEO

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As a business owner, there are a few things at the top of my list that could keep me up at night, knowing my business finances are intact are not one of those things thanks to the CredoCFO team. As a start-up founder, I did many of the things internally on my own for many years. It wasn’t until I made the decision to bring in a fractional CFO that I realized how many gaps I had in my business model through our accounting practices, budgeting, P&L, and of course, risk management. Working with Credo team has been a game-changer for EBM as we grew a national footprint and scaled quickly. Not having to worry about the financial operations side of the business was a huge life off our shoulders. As our needs changed, they were there to pivot and adapt as needed. It’s also important to say that their team truly gets excited about working with you (no boring green visors to deal with). I only wish I had started using them earlier on, would have saved a ton of time and aggravation.I highly recommend them and would be happy to speak with anyone about our experience with their team.”

The Bosco

Business Inspection Services

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“We hired Aaron and the Credo team for their CFO skills but within weeks of our relationship, it was clear they had more to bring to the table. As a trusted business partner, Aaron brings a level of insight and analysis that ensure strategic decisions make financial sense and that our operational initiatives drive results. But aside from the financial acumen and expertise, it is his approach to our partnership that is most appreciated. No matter the time of day or day of the week, Aaron always makes himself available. Having worked with many other outside consultants, I can safely say that Aaron is as reliable and helpful a teammate as you can find. I could not recommend him more as a partner.”

David Barranco

Barranco Beverage

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“Aaron Jaeger is the type of leader that demonstrates integrity and doing the right thing in his business and personal life. He is an all around class act. This recommendation is for Aaron as a businessman, a Christ-centered leader, and a great example to others. I wish I had more vendors just like him. Honest, direct, thoughtful.”

Frank Mengert


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“The exercise was extremely easy on me, someone who tries to squeeze every second out of my day. Credo handled most of the lift and did an excellent job of articulating the venture process to me prior as well as post delivery of the Business Inspection. Our experience went so well, and we were so impressed with Credo that we have retained their services to assist us in 2021 and beyond.”


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