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I visited my hometown, Chicago, this summer to attend the IRS Tax Forum 2014. While attending the forum I got to see the city a bit, and get the latest federal tax law updates.

There were exhibits, continuing professional education (CPE) credits for me to gather, and they had a Case Resolution Program. You could bring your toughest, unresolved IRS case (one case per tax business) to the Case Resolution Program. IRS representatives with specialized expertise were available by appointment only to meet one-on-one with tax professionals to discuss one client’s toughest tax case. There were IRS Oversight Board representatives at the forum who took our comments and suggestions for improvements to various IRS programs and initiatives. And, there were a few good networking opportunities as well.

The best part of the forum was the seminars. There were seminars about handling K-1 forms, passive activity rules (loss or no loss), and about “stacking” LLCs to pass-through income efficiently and plan out the tax bill – whether it’s for estate planning or just regular business activities. The quality of the information was phenomenal.

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