Driving your company leaves little time for optimizing your finances.

Consider bringing on an expert CFO through Credo!

Our relevant know-how through the breadth of our cross-functional finance expertise gives us the capability to meet (and even succeed) your stakeholders’ expectations. Our core CFO services offerings seamlessly integrate consulting, corporate finance, financial advisory, assurance, and tax. Our tailored offerings support the needs of your business while ensuring strict adherence to professional and regulatory requirements.


Executive Finance & Leadership
Cash Flow / Treasury Management
Planning & Analytics


Exit Strategy
Merger & Acquisition
Raising Capital


Benchmark Analysis
Valuation Services
Fraud & Sales Tax Service Packages
And much more!

We hired Aaron and the Credo team for their CFO skills but within weeks of our relationship, it was clear they had more to bring to the table. As a trusted business partner, Aaron brings a level of insight and analysis that ensures strategic decisions make financial sense and that our operational initiatives drive results. But aside from the financial acumen and expertise, it is his approach to our partnership that is most appreciated. No matter the time of day or day of the week, Aaron always makes himself available. Having worked with many other outside consultants, I can safely say that Aaron is as reliable and helpful a teammate as you can find. I could not recommend him more as a partner.

The Bosco

As an experienced entrepreneur, I pride myself on knowing my numbers inside and out, so I was excited when I heard that CredoCFO had a solution for my business that would provide more financial insight. The Business Inspection report provided me with a focused, digestible and easy-to-explain list of strengths and weaknesses that allowed me to make vital business decisions to restore the health of my company. I highly recommend every curious entrepreneur to try it out — in my case I thought I knew my business better than I did, and the Business Inspection truly provided me the insight and focus to level-up my business!

Nick Fehr

The Bosco (Business Inspection)

Aaron Jaeger is the type of leader that demonstrates integrity and doing the right thing in his business and personal life. He is an all around class act. This recommendation is for Aaron as a businessman, a Christ-centered leader, and a great example to others. I wish I had more vendors just like him. Honest, direct, thoughtful.

David Barranco

Barranco Beverage (Business Inspection)

As the founder of an organization, like many, I get wrapped up in running the business and all the things that come with a growing company. Going through the experience of the Credo Business Inspection was eye-opening to me. Over eight years in business and I’ve never been through an exercise such as this. The benchmarking data gave me powerful insight into how we stack up among others in our industry – areas like DSO, Profitability and Gross Margins. However, the absolute value was gained through the explanation of where our current company’s opportunities lie and the financial analysis breakdowns followed by the savings levers available to us.

The exercise was extremely easy on me, someone who tries to squeeze every second out of my day. Credo handled most of the lift and did an excellent job of articulating the entire process to me prior as well as post delivery of the Business Inspection. Our experience went so well, and we were so impressed with Credo that we have retained their services to assist us in 2021 and beyond.

Frank Mengert

EBM (Business Inspection)