The ‘CredoCFO Blueprint’ is a collaborative process where we engage with our clients to enable growth and create solutions. Our trademarked Blueprint creates a set of objectives and clear agenda upon which to execute.

Credo takes a deep dive into the Company’s operations in partnership with key
stakeholders to best understand (diagnose) how the business and finance currently
work. With active engagement from you (the Client), a formal report is issued called the
CFO Blueprint and takes about two-to-four weeks to complete. The ‘Blueprint’
describes, quantifies, and prioritizes the areas within Finance that need to be remedied

Key Phrases by Entrepreneurs

“I have no visibility or information to run the business.”

“I don’t have time to keep track of everything.”

“I am growing fast. I cannot keep up with running the business and doing the finances.”

“I am not sure my finances are accurate and/or timely.”

“I need someone I can trust to help my run the business/make strategic decisions (insert reason).”

“I am not sure what I should be looking at.”


At Credo, we…