Annual Individual Information Form (TY2021)

 Please send all your tax information and documents to your Onvio portal. Let us know if you needed assistance

accessing the portal. If you need extra space, please use notes section. Thank you

Part I. Your Personal Information

Please complete questionnaire below by checking “Yes”, “No” or “Unsure” to all questions. If you mark yes to any questions, please upload supporting documents. If assistance is needed, please call, or email the office.

Part II. Marital Status and Household Information

2. List names below of everyone who lived in your home in 2021 (other than you or spouse). Also, list anyone who lived outside of your home that you supported during 2021. Use notes section if additional space is needed.

Part III. Banking Information – In 2021, did you (or your spouse):

Part IV. Income – In 2021, did you (or your spouse) receive:

Part V. Deductions – In 2021 Did you (or your spouse) pay:

Part VI. Life Events – In 2021 Did you (or your spouse):