Annual Business Information Form (TY2021)


For ALL businesses: Please fill out one form per business entity. This is for business documentation only and must be filled out every year. Please request an individual checklist for personal returns.

Part I. Business Information

Part II. Entity Information

For new clients AND existing clients with new entities or changes to entities:

• Submit all IRS and DOR entity setup letters received. (CP575, Form 2553 acceptance, Secretary of State forms).
• List of all officers/members (name, address, SSN, percentage ownership):
• Complete the SHAREHOLDER INFORMATION FORM in your Onvio portal.

Please complete questionnaire below by checking “Yes”, “No/Not Applicable” to all questions. If you mark yes to any
questions, please upload supporting documents. If assistance is needed, please call, or email the office.

Part III. Financial & Payroll Information

Part IV. Additional Information