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Uncover Hidden Performance & Financial Opportunities 

A lot goes into the success of a business, but perhaps most crucial is a competent, forward-thinking financial team at the helm. When utilized properly, a dedicated chief financial officer can ensure your business goals are met through timely funding, responsible decision-making, and financial forecasting.

In the early stages of a business, the CEO or other leadership team members may handle the basics of company finances based on limited budgets. Yet if an experienced CFO is hired too late in the growth of your business, it may suffer from unrecognized financial issues that put the CEO’s vision on hold just as you are poised to grow.

The question becomes, how is a business to know when to bring on a CFO? Moreover, should that CFO be hired on a full-time, part-time, or fractional basis?

That’s why Credo is here to help.

Our in-depth CFO Business Inspection is a fully customized service that provides companies with detailed analyses so they may not only discover if now is the right time to bring on a CFO, but in what capacity and how one would help the business meet its specific growth goals.

Here, we’ll explore five ways the CFO Business Inspection can propel your business forward on a more financially secure foundation, so you can focus on execution of core competencies and growing your business.

1. Rest easy with a plan developed by a seasoned Credo financial expert.

We’ll partner you with a tenured financial expert who will engage with your executive management team to ensure a clear understanding of your business while assessing your financial data and business plan. Your Credo partner will map out a plan to strengthen your business model finances with a goal to enable and accelerate your strategic vision.

2. Discover exactly where you are in the evolution of your business.

The first step to accelerating your business growth is determining where exactly your company is in its evolution. To uncover this, your Credo partner will take the time to meet with you and your team extensively, then dive into your financial data to ensure you’re on the right track to meeting your business goals.

3. Receive detailed financial & operational analyses.

Your Credo partner will provide a robust benchmark report on the key aspects of your business’ financials, so you can make more well-informed decisions moving forward. Such analyses will reveal where your business can start saving time and money so you can improve performance and financial opportunities.

4. See how your business measures up against marketplace trends.

The analyses and benchmark reports provided will not only detail how you’re currently operating, but also reveal how your business compares against industry standards. From there, we’ll provide recommendations on best practices, next courses of action, and referrals. Such referrals will include guidance on whether or not it’s time to hire a dedicated CFO, and if so, if that role should be filled on a full-time, part-time, or fractional basis.

5. Jump ahead with quick wins.

Our advisement role will prioritize moving your financial capabilities forward as quickly as possible with quick wins, as well as providing competitive insights so you can reduce and avoid costly pitfalls that hinder your growth.

Ultimately, as your company continues to grow, so too do the complexities of your finances.

Growing businesses will require a competent financial officer to execute the appropriate strategies to meet the CEO’s vision in the long run. The question of whether or not now is the right time for your business to do so can be gleaned with a comprehensive audit performed by a tenured Credo professional.

Ready to transform your business and accelerate growth? Team up with a Credo financial expert in a free, no-obligation initial consultation. You share with us your strategic vision, and we’ll take it from there.